Podcast 1: Back to school!

We’re pleased to present our first podcast! VP Administration Ryan and MEL member Andrew discuss returning to classes at the University of Calgary and their experiences as new students to the University. They also chat about their (busy) summer vacations and time learning English. Starting the year at a new university, and perhaps even in a new country, is a big change. Listen on for tips for new students… and to hear some thoughts and experiences from your fellow MEL members! Andrew and Ryan have posed plenty of questions to listeners, so please share your own thoughts below.


One thought on “Podcast 1: Back to school!

  1. Well done Andrew and Ryan! You two have a great radio host voice. Maybe that can be your plan B career wise? 😉

    My experience with Orientation Week was a mix of excitement and nervousness. I am very glad I attended it because it helped me transition better from high school into university. In addition, I also learnt about a lot of on campus resources from the campus expo.

    Andrew, I also came to Canada when I was in grade 7 and watched a lot of children’s shows too! SpongeBob/Pokemon on YTV every afternoon. Strange how fast time flies!


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