Podcast 5: Three immigration experiences

Our podcast hosts Ryan and Andrew are joined by MEL member Lu (Corin) for an insightful discussion on their experience as an immigrant and the cultural differences they encountered. We have the chance to hear the story of their arrival (terrible 12 hour flights and all), time adjusting, and some illuminating differences–not just the weather (which remains the obvious target here in Calgary!) but also aspects of the education system.

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Podcast 4: Upcoming events, developmental animal biology, and turkey

Podcast hosts Andrew and Ryan are joined by VP Events Alice to discuss their science-heavy first month of classes, model systems including frogs, rats, earthworms… as well as turkey, the long weekend, and upcoming MEL events. Interested in participating in Trick or Eat? Listen on for a further itinerary for this fun community-building MEL event, as well as a preview of Alice, Ryan and Andrew’s costumes!

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