Podcast 9: Midterms galore

Our President Sylvia and VP Events Alice join Andrew and Ryan for a curiously on-topic podcast about midterms. Specific topics include: midterm-clustering conspiracy theories, Sylvia’s sixth sense and the controversial and occasionally tear-inducing multiple choice exam. The exec team also discusses their personal preferences for exam locations. Obviously the stranger and smaller the desks, the better.

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Podcast 8: Butterflies, deer, and bunnies

This week Andrew is joined by VP Mentorship Faye to, well, at least begin by conversing about hobbies and past times. Listen on if you’re curious as to where the conversation goes from there! As clearly hinted by the title, this podcast does have a bit more terrifying content than usual (oh, Faye…).

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Podcast 7: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This week MEL member Eve joins Ryan and Andrew for a very pertinent topic: Halloween. Trick-or-treating is quite the tradition in Canada, and everyone has had some different experiences, including some Trick-or-Eat-ing and other charitable alternatives! Eve, Andrew and Ryan also discuss costume construction (all those spray paint shenanigans), and the tradition behind of Halloween of All Saints Day, as well as similar traditions from other cultures. Listen on to hear who gives out candy at Eve’s house, whether Andrew even emerges from his basement to notice it’s Halloween, and how Ryan avoids blame for poor candy choices.

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Podcast 6: Flute, clarinet, trumpet & euphonium

Sorry for the break between podcasts, as we’re in the process of switching over our podcast host. However, this does mean that this week we’ll be posting two podcasts, one from the previous week as well!

This week’s podcast is all about music! Andrew and Ryan discuss their classical training throughout school, then turn to the radio, and their impressions of the difference in popular music between Canada and other countries.

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