Podcast 11: Christmas edition

For the final podcast this semester, Andrew and Ryan wrap up by discussing Christmas. Listen on to hear about gift giving practices, whether boxing day has lost its irresistible charm, and Andrew’s memories of how Christmas is celebrated in Korea. Plus: Ryan leaks a big spoiler about Santa!

Happy holidays!


Podcast 10: Winter snow, winter clothes, winter break and, errr, winter

Andrew and Ryan return to discuss the season of winter. They chat about snow shovelling techniques (including Andrew’s ideal angle for the disfigured metal portion of plastic shovels for breaking ice), winter fashions (how to deal with the daily low negative fluctuations in temperature), and holiday practices (such as Ryan’s struggles with his apathetic gift wishlists). Perhaps you may be able to relate to scary driving situations or interesting anecdotes about Andrew and Ryan’s hometown winter experiences?
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