Podcast 14: Happy Lunar New Year!

Guests Faye, Edward and Larissa join Ryan and Andrew to discuss how they and their families celebrate the Lunar New Year. The conversation is replete with delicious food, a bit of deplorable traffic, special TV programs, and plenty of the “puns and visual coincidences” that permeate the celebrations. Interesting topics include different traditions in China and Korea, as well as the magnitude and portrayal of the Lunar New Year celebration here in Canada.

Podcast 13: Superhuman abilities, shoujo, & Sherlock

This time Andrew is joined by VP Mentorship Faye and MEL member Edward, and at some point partway through the podcast, also Larissa (you’ve met them all before in previous podcasts!). This time the topic is shows—anime, dramas, and movies. They discuss the well-established paradigm of shoujo, the eternal appeal of Studio Ghibli, and . Listen on for a number of anime, drama, and movie recommendations that you can try next time between studying.