Podcast 19: Course registration

Course registration is here! Andrew and Ryan share some advice for ensuring you’re on track for graduation, taking the right courses and selecting options. Fair warning: our podcast hosts try to convince you organic chemistry I and II (CHEM 351 and 353) was a valuable experience and quite a fun option to take. And frankly they are quite convincing and are worth listening to if you’re considering taking those courses. Andrew and Ryan share their recommendations for a diverse array of options, including logic, Greek mythology and even Japanese history through anime and manga.

If you have any questions or want more advice, feel free to send us an email!


Podcast 18: It’s…spring!

This spring-y week Ryan and Andrew are joined by Alice (VP Events), Faye (VP Mentorship) and club member Eve to celebrate–or perhaps speculate–about the commencement of spring.  Alice discusses her extreme faith in Groundhog Day despite some bickering between different groundhogs, Faye dreams about flower-viewing in Japan and Korea, and Eve sadly reminisces about summer thunderstorms. This podcast also suggests some spring activities—the Lilac Festival on 4th St, hiking and bird watching.

What marks the beginning of spring for you? Perhaps it’s the melting snow, blooming flowers, end of ski season, or even the requisite sandstorm. Comment and let us know!

Podcast 17: Beyond Mac Hall – Fast food, hotpot & other dining in Calgary

Now that you’ve engaged in some fun activities in Calgary and in the areas surrounding Calgary, perhaps you’ve become a bit peckish. As always, our podcast hosts Andrew and Ryan have you covered…this podcast is about places to eat, and not to eat, in Calgary!

Whether you need an honest evaluation of Mac Hall, various fast food across the city, or something a bit pricier–or overpriced–here are some suggestions to start you off.

Let us know what you think! Where do you like to eat in Calgary?

Podcast 16: Things to do outside Calgary!

This time Andrew and Ryan are joined by VP Events Alice to move a bit outside of Calgary to the surrounding areas in Alberta. The Rockies are a great destination for outdoors activities. Listen on for skiing options, where to stay when visiting the parks, and a thorough evaluation of various hikes around Banff and Kananaskis on the criteria of length, incline, and cell reception.

A quick note: While usually one needs to purchase a Parks Pass for entry to Canada’s National Parks, this year is an exception–as part of the yearlong Canada150 celebrations the National Parks Pass is actually free. If there’s ever a time to visit national parks, such as Banff National Park, this is the time!